Nerf Nitro Speedloop Review (Hasbro)

Nerf Nitro Speedloop
What It Is

If you're feeling a little loopy here's the toy for you. (pun intended) The Nerf Nitro Speedloop set from Hasbro is the latest introduction in this awesome system of foam cars and stunt sets. They're lightweight, well-designed and when they're launched, they really fly. 

The new Speedloop set lets kids send the cars through a dramatic loop and over a jump. Out of the box, you have to assemble the loop, and it snaps together easily. Set the loop on any flat surface with plenty of room for the cars to roll. To launch the cars, start by pulling the handle on the launcher all the way back, and insert the car with the front facing outwards. Be sure that the car clicks all the way into the launcher for best results. Make sure the launcher is resting flat on the surface and pull the trigger. The car flies out of the launcher and through the loop. You can use the included ramp to add a dramatic finish. 

The set integrates with other Nerf Nitro sets or can be great on its own.

Is It Fun?

The loop is a lot of fun on its own, but the real, creative, long-term play play comes from designing different kinds of courses and challenges for the cars and just trying out all they can do. This set can also be integrated with a lot of other Nerf Nitro sets to create even more dramatic stunts. 

Long-term play value and fun really comes from creating these different scenarios. The car doesn't do much beyond going through the loop, so this is a case where a kid's imagination really adds value to the toy. 

Who It’s For
This is designed for kids ages 5 years and up. 

It's great for kids who love playing with toy cars and, of course, for those who love the Nerf Nitro sets. 

What To Be Aware Of

One of the things that has impressed us about Nerf Nitro since it was launched is how straight these run when launched and how fast they move. They don't lose much speed as they go through the loop (largely depending on where you place it in relation to the launcher), and all these features makes the Nerf Nitro cars excellent for designing and building challenges for the cars. 

They're all well-priced to make it easy to collect a lot of them, without breaking the bank. The Speed Loop set comes with two cars, the loop (which you have to assemble) and a launcher. This is engaging and exciting open-ended play for toy car lovers ages 5 years and up.

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