AquaPurr eC Cat Water Fountain Review (AquaPurr)

AquaPurr eC Cat Water Fountain
What It Is

 The AquaPurr eC comes with 5 parts to put together (the base unit, drinking spigot, flexible water line, aerator and power adaptors) and a very, very, very informative instruction booklet. But donít let that scare you. It is fairly simple to put together, use and maintain, so your cats can start enjoying cold, clean water within 10 minutes of having opened the box.

Why Is It Useful?

Another reason we found the AquaPurr to be so useful is because of its customizable motion sensor settings. With timers that range from 15 seconds to 8 minutes, you can choose the frequency with which water will be running from your faucet. Very smart.

Who It’s For

This truly is for all cats, since we all want our cats to stay healthy and hydrated. But it is especially fun for cats who already spend a lot of their time around sinks and toilets. Since my cat, Clawd, is part Maine Coon, he has several layers of hair, kind of like a duck. So he was not only getting hydrated with the AquaPurr, but he was also just sticking his whole head in the stream and generally just playing around as he is known to do in our home.  And I was still able to use the sink whenever I needed thanks to the diverter valve.

What To Be Aware Of

Just make sure that you are being smart about where you put your AquaPurr eC. It needs to go on a sink of some kind, and needs to be plugged in for the duration of its use. So make sure whichever sink you choose has enough counter space for the system to sit comfortably on, with the help of the 3M strips attached to the bottom of the unit. And that an outlet is close enough but still safe to use for this purpose. By keeping these in mind, you are sure to have success with the AquaPurr eC in your home.

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