Jurassic World Playleontology Kit Review (Mattel)

Jurassic World Playleontology Kit
What It Is

Don't just watch dinosaurs in the movies. Dig for one with the Jurassic World Playleontology Kit. This lets kids pretend to be paleontologists digging for dinosaur fossils in a large block of "soil". You get three excavation tools of a hammer, shovel, and brush to aid in your fossil discovery, and once you find and remove the toy dinosaur bones, assemble them to build a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton for display. The skeleton has a special DNA activator piece that can be attached to give the skeleton mouth-chomping action. There is also a collectible T. Rex card with display stand.

Is It Fun?

For kids who are fans of dinosaurs, being able to dig for fossils and build their own dinosaur skeleton will be a lot of fun. It does take time and patience to get the fossils out of the block, but that's part of the play. And for kids who want to do a little more with their dinosaur skeleton than just keep it on display, the chomping feature will allow them to play out some dino action.

Who It’s For

The Jurassic World Playleontology Kit is for ages 5 and up, and will be fun for curious kids who like dinosaurs.

What To Be Aware Of

It does take time to dig the fossils out of the block, so kids will need some patience as they work. This is also a very messy activity, and it is difficult to wash all of the "soil" off the fossils once you've retrieved them from the "soil" block.

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