Polly Pocket Dance Par-taay Case and Beach Vibes Backpack Review (Mattel)

Polly Pocket Dance Par-taay Case and Beach Vibes Backpack
What It Is

Polly Pocket may be small, but she's got some pretty large playsets for lots of fun. With the Polly Pocket Dance Par-taay Case and Beach Vibes Backpack, kids can open up and reveal all sorts of hidden surprises for the included mini dolls, plus there are special stickers on the playsets that the dolls' rubbery feet stick to so they stay in place during play. Each playset is sold separately.

Inside the Dance Par-taay Case you'll find Polly and Lila dolls ready to rock out and dance. They can pull up to the party in a limo. Flip up the balloon arch for a grand entrance. The bottom floor has a stage with hidden seating, a spinning dance floor, and a flip-up buffet table to reveal the desserts. Slide the curtain on the next level to reveal a dressing room, and then take the stairs to the top and open the door for a peek outside or man the DJ booth. What's behind the off-limits statue? Give it a spin and it's a bookshelf! Accessories include a camera on tripod, a chair, a microphone, a guitar that the dolls can really wear, and a cupcake tower.

The Beach Vibes Backpack sends the Polly and Shani dolls on a beach vacation. When the dolls aren't riding around in their speedboat, they can relax on the beach, which has a lounge chair, an opening cooler, and an opening beachside pool. Out in the water, there's a submarine that opens up so one of the dolls can stand inside it. Back on dry land, you can place one of the dolls next to the tiki pole and give the pole a spin to make the doll spin and dance. Take the ramp to the beach house where you can slide open the doors to reveal a bedroom and lift up the tablecloth on the table to reveal a seafood buffet. Accessories include a plate of fruit, a blender, and two drinks.

Is It Fun?

Both of these playsets will inspire a lot of imaginative storytelling. Whether kids are having a dance party or swimming on the beach, they will enjoy creating all sorts of different scenes for Polly and her friends and discovering all the hidden surprises.

Who It’s For

These Polly Pocket playsets are for ages 4 and up, and will be a lot of fun for imaginative kids who like playing with dolls.

What To Be Aware Of

The vehicles in both playsets do not fit inside the closed playsets, so you'll need to figure out a storage or transportation solution for those.

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