Zoomer Zupps Tiny Unicorns Review (Spin Master)

Zoomer Zupps Tiny Unicorns
What It Is

First there was the Zoomer Enchanted Unicorn, and now there are Zoomer Zupps Tiny Unicorns. While the Zoomer Unicorn was all about interactivity and realistic movements, these little unicorns are all about cuteness and collectability. They still have light-up eyes and a light-up horn, a back sensor, and a nose button so that you can activate sounds, care for the unicorn, and play a magic fortune game with it. It all depends on how you pet the unicorn or press its nose. You can even access a secret trick, and each unicorn's trick is different. 

There are six unicorns to collect, each one standing about four inches tall. Crystal, Dream, Stardust, Midnight, Charm, and Breeze each have different color schemes and designs to fit their unique personalities, and kids can read a little more about the unicorn on the collectible card that each one comes with. 

The unicorns don't move on their own, but you can pose their back legs to make them sit or stand. Each one also comes with a comb and is sold separately.

Is It Fun?

Kids who are fans of unicorns will like the whimsical look of these mini toy versions and the feeling of having their own baby unicorn as a pet. These are pretty easy for young kids to interact with and will inspire a lot of nurturing and imaginative play. Plus, one of these might also be a good choice for a child who is a little too young for the more sophisticated Zoomer Unicorn.

Who It’s For

The Zoomer Zupps Tiny Unicorns are for ages 4 and up, and will be fun collectible toys for kids who like unicorns.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Zoomer Zupps Tiny Unicorn includes three button cell batteries.

It may take a few tries to activate the secret trick.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy

    3 cell batteries required