Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Shreddy and Chewy Review (Spin Master)

Zoomer Hungry Bunnies Shreddy and Chewy
What It Is

All these bunnies want is food - and some tickling and petting. The new Zoomer Hungry Bunnies are interactive toy bunnies that will really eat paper treats, as well as interact to your touch.

There are two characters: Shreddy, a pink bunny with blue ears; and Chewy, a purpleish-white bunny with white ears. Each is sold separately and comes with four snack sheets, a treat tracer, a snack basket, and instructions. To feed your bunny, tear off one of the paper food treats. You can choose from classic bunny food, such as carrots, or something a little sillier, such as ice cream cones. Then, place the treat in the bunny's mouth, and keep pushing it into the bunny's mouth as the bunny eats it. After the bunny eats, you can rub its belly and it will leave behind a pile of paper confetti.

If you run out of the included paper treats, use the treat tracer to trace and cut out carrot treats on your own paper from home.

You can also pet your bunny's head, press its nose, or poke and tickle its belly to hear different sound effects and to make it laugh. 

Or play one of two games with your bunny. Press and hold the nose and belly at the same time to enter the Tickle Game mode. Start tickling the bunny but stop as soon as you hear the bunny say, "Weeee". If you stop in time, you'll hear a winning sound. If not, you'll hear a losing sound. If you win three rounds, you win the game. 

Press and hold the head and nose at the same time to enter Music Game mode. In this mode, you can pat your bunny's head or belly to add different sounds to the song that plays.

Is It Fun?

This is just the latest cute addition to the Zoomer lineup of interactive electronic pets. It promotes imaginative nurturing play as kids feed and care for their pet bunnies - and have fun dance parties with them. Kids who like rabbits will be glad to see that this is the next animal in the Zoomer collection.

Who It’s For

The Zoomer Hungry Bunnies are for ages 5 and up, and will be fun for kids who like electronic pets.

What To Be Aware Of

Each Zoomer Hungry Bunny requires three AA batteries.

You'll probably want to keep a dustpan and broom handy for all of the little paper scraps that are going to be left around from this paper-shredding bunny.

The Tickle Game only seemed to last for one round instead of three before the bunny automatically exited that game mode.

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  • Assembly & Instructions


    3 AA batteries required