Tic Tac Tongue Review (Yulu)

Tic Tac Tongue
What It Is

Get ready for a fantastic froggy face off! Tic Tac Tongue is an hilarious, new,  fast-paced game from Yulu. (We called them frog faces. Yulu calls them lizards or chameleons. Either way, they're totally silly.)

The game is for 2 to 4 players ages 4 and up. Set up is easy. Simply insert the tongue (it's like a party blower) into the mask and put on the mask. Set up the bug cards in the stands so they're upright. Shuffle the game cards and place them on the table. Players sit across from each, facing each other over the standing up cards. To start a turn, flip over one card to see the number and the insect. That's the card you're going to try to knock down. Blow into the mask and extend the tongue to knock down the card. But, you have to knock down the matching card, or it doesn't count. If you hit the matching card, you get to keep it. If you hit the wrong card, your opponent gets it. Of course, the trick is that these chameleon tongues are not exactly precision instruments, so you'll have to master your faux-reptile lingual dexterity, and that's hilarious all on its own. But if you don't win a round there's no reason to get (wait for it) tongue depressed. Set 'em up and go again!

You can create your own house rules, or just walk around looking silly, should you be so inclined. This is a simple game, that's sure to entertain kids. And, you know, one of the things about great toys or games is that they break "rules." Tic Tac Tongue breaks the rule that you're not supposed to stick your tongue out. Here, it's just fine. 

Is It Fun?
This is completely fun for younger kids. They love party blowers, and this is a natural extension of the kind of antics you see kids doing with them at a party. 

The masks are funny, and you can make the game easier or more challenging depending on how you arrange the cards. Though there are standard rules for the game, we expect that kids will want to make up their own variations, which is perfectly fine. 

Who It’s For
Tic Tac Tongue is designed for kids ages 4 years and up. 

This is definitely in the vein of preschool or early grade school humor. It's simple enough that virtually all kids can do this easily. 

What To Be Aware Of
The masks are held to the face with an elastic band.

The set we reviewed included extra masks, which was marked on the package. 

It may sound ridiculous, but there is a level of skill involved in this. Players have to be able to aim at the proper card and race to be the first to knock it over with the tongue. That's why variations may be fun to make it a little more challenging.

Don't blow too hard on the blower or it might pop out of the mask. It fits back in easily, but it may slow you down a bit. (It's pretty funny when that happens, actually.)

Wipe off the mouthpieces before putting them away. You may want to use a little alcohol for that. 

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