Air Hogs Supernova Review (Spin Master)

Air Hogs Supernova
What It Is

SuperNova from Spin Master is part of the AirHogs line of flying toys. It's a truly remarkable innovation that combines high performance, great value and, most importantly, ease of flying. The toy comes completely assembled in this really cool package. Open it up, and charge it up. It takes about 40 minutes for a full charge. Then, you're ready to play. 

Turn it on by sliding the switch on the battery pack. To activate the flying, hold the Supernova by the top of the cage and drop it straight down. The four propellers will start instantly, and you'll be flying. You can control the movements by moving your hands in front of these sensors. (We found you can give it a little bump, too, with no problem.) 

Once you get good at the flying part, which shouldn't take you all that long, you're ready to start doing tricks. The instruction sheet takes you through the various things you can do, all of which are controlled by your hand movements. To enter what Spin Master calls "The Trick Zone," you want to have the SuperNova flying. Wave your hands on either side of the SuperNova, you'll see the light flash to indicate you've done that, then follow the hand motions on the instruction sheet to have SuperNova perform the trick. You'll have to repeat the two-hand swipe before you do each trick, and the unit needs to sense that you are nearby.  Some of the tricks are easier to do than others, but mastering them is part of the play. We found this completely appealing, and entertaining, a real leap forward for AirHogs in terms of design, technology and function...all of which create an outstanding play experience for kids ages 8 and up. 

We got a little more than 5 minutes of continuous flying on each charge. 

Is It Fun?
The ease of flying is what makes this a lot of fun. As with any flying toy, there is some learning curve involved, but it's more about refining the control and learning to do stunts (aka the play) rather than trying to get the thing flying. The cage is really helpful if you're in a contained area because it protects the blades and allows the Supernova to bounce off obstacles, rather than getting caught on them. 

Controlling all the action by hand movements makes this a lot more fun for younger kids, too. 

Who It’s For
The Supernova is graded for kids 8 and up. 

We think that's pretty accurate given some of the manual dexterity required.

Anyone who enjoys flying toys is going to be intrigued and engaged by this one. 

What To Be Aware Of

The Supernova is, obviously, very light weight, so the flying is going to be influenced by drafts or breezes in your home. 

You'll want a fairly open area to play in. 

If you're in a room with a high ceiling, the SuperNova may tend to drive upwards. To bring it back down, simply swipe your hand under the SuperNova, and wait for it to come back down. Conversely, if it's flying too low, hold your hand underneath it to raise it. 

To stop the Supernova, grab it as it's flying and invert it. That will stop the propellers. It will not, however, turn it off. You have to use the switch on the battery pack to do that. 

With a full charge we got between 5-6 minutes of continuous flying time.

Even though the cage protects the propellers, avoid sticking your hands inside the cage. The propellers won't break most skin if you touch them while they're running, but the will smart a bit if you get hit. 

The set includes four additional, replacement propellers and the charging cable. 

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