Nickelodeon Slime Sparklin' Unicorn Slime Review (Cra-Z-Art)

Nickelodeon Slime Sparklin' Unicorn Slime
What It Is

Make mystical unicorn slime with the Nickelodeon Slime Sparklin' Unicorn Slime kit. This comes with the tools kids need and instructions for making three different kinds of unicorn slime. You can make The Original Unicorn Slime, a combination of pink, green, blue, and opal glitter slimes; Mystical Unicorn Poop, swirly pink opal glitter slime, purple slime, and blue sparkling star slime; and Sparkling Star Unicorn Slime, a trio of purple, pink, and blue slimes with sparkling star glitter on top.

Just follow the instructions to make each color of slime separately. You do this by mixing clear glue, water, the paint color, glitter (if necessary), and slime activator solution in a bowl. Once all your colored slimes are ready, lay them next to each other on a non-stick surface (we used wax paper), and allow them to touch so that you create one three-color slime. Pick it up in one hand and hold it above the non-stick surface, letting it slowly drip back down while moving your hand in a circular motion to swirl the slime on top of itself.

Is It Fun?

Slime and unicorns are two totally trendy topics right now, and kids will like combining the two in this DIY kit. Making the slime is easy and fast, which is a good thing because each unicorn slime recipe requires three or four different colored slimes. Kids will like swirling the colors together and watching them sparkle thanks to the glitter. Even though the swirled colors do get muddled once kids start playing with the slime, what's left is a shiny, glittery slime that gives kids lots of tactile fun.

Who It’s For

The Nickelodeon Slime Sparklin' Unicorn Slime kit is for ages 6 and up. It will be fun for kids who like making their own slime.

What To Be Aware Of

The kit includes two four-ounce bottles of clear glue, two ounces of slime activator, six pots of colorant, a bag of glitter, a bag of stars, four cups with lids, a measuring cup, two mixing bowls, six slime sticks, a spoon, and instructions.

The non-stick surface we chose was wax paper. We still had a little trouble picking up the slime off of the wax paper and getting it to swirl like the pictures in the instructions showed.

The colors of the slime do get muddled after playing with it.

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