Meet Your Match, Dude Review (All Things Equal)

Meet Your Match, Dude
What It Is

Meet Your Match, Dude, from All Things Equal, is a Big Lebowski-inspired puzzle that includes 9 pieces. 9 pieces - you might think that's easy, right? Well, my duderinos, I am not into the whole brevity thing, and this puzzle will not be quickly solved. The pieces include tops and bottoms of the Dude, Walter, Donny and the Jesus. You must create a 9-piece grid where all sides match. We are not going to show the completed puzzle - no, not because we're nihilists! We believe in puzzles and we want you to solve them on your own. And when you do solve this puzzle, break out the White Russians and celebrate, but remember, there's a beverage here, man! The other side of the puzzle pieces are perfect as coasters. Due to the difficulty level, and the R-rating of the film, Meet Your Match, Dude is recommended for teens and adults. So put down that bowling ball and start puzzling! 

Is It Fun?
Yes. The puzzle is challenging and Lebowski fans will love the images and beverage coasters.  
Who It’s For
Teen and adult Big Lebowski fans, and all dudes into puzzles.  
What To Be Aware Of
The puzzle is inspired by an R-rated movie and some of the material may be inappropriate for children.
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