MEGA Construx World Dragon Castle Clash and Wizard's Potion Lair Review (MEGA)

MEGA Construx World Dragon Castle Clash and Wizard's Potion Lair
What It Is

Welcome to the world of MEGA Construx World Dragon Castle Clash and the Wizard's Potion Lair. The Wizard's Potion Lair includes 189 pieces and took us 15 minutes to assemble. The lair features a swiveling cauldron station and a catapult. Among the other highlights are two emojis, a potion bottle, spell book, wizard, knight, horse, and archer. Dragon Castle Clash includes 238 pieces and took us 25 minutes to assemble. There are three figures, a horse, two emojis and enough weapons to start an army - but not enough to kill a dragon. But why would you, as this is the coolest part of this set. The fully poseable fire-breather allows for one figure to come along for a flight. The castle has an opening drawbridge and torch shooter, although I can't seem to get it to launch. These sets are recommended for ages 7+. Although sold separately, they are great together. I do not think these MEGA Construx sets compare to their competitors, but they are cute and whimsical, and I think the emojis are a fun addition.

Is It Fun?
The sets are fun and cute, but do not always function well. 
Who It’s For

MEGA Construx, dragon and wizard fans, ages 7+.

What To Be Aware Of

Each set is sold separately.  The World Dragon Castle Clash is $19.99 and the Wizard's Potion Lair is $14.99.

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