Lamaze 4 in 1 Play Gym Review (TOMY)

Lamaze 4 in 1 Play Gym
What It Is

The Lamaze gym set is made of a padded, 61-inch mat with three padded poles that can be configured like a teepee. The gym is packed with play features, and the four basic play activities are designed to grow with your child as he or she develops. Start out with lay and play. Lay your baby on its back where they can lay and play viewing the mirror and three detachable toys that you can hang from the upright poles. For tummy time, baby can reach for toys and be engaged by the high contrast, colorful images that help developing vision. As baby starts to crawl, the large mat gives them lots of room to explore. When they're sitting, there's even more to do with the crawl tunnel or playing in the teepee. There's a mesh side panel on one side of the gym set, so there's a clear view of the baby at all times. With all there is to do and with the activities that are appropriate for different stages, this is a great value for parents.

Is It Fun?

Children will enjoy the four positions and attachable toys that will help little ones enjoy tummy time, crawling and sitting independently. This is ideal for solo play or for co-lay with parents and caregivers.

Who It’s For

The Lamaze 4-in-1 Gym set is perfect for newborns and up. With four functions for baby it offers longevity from birth to the age when your child can lay, sit, crawl and play.  

What To Be Aware Of

The mat is machine washable and set up is easy.

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