American Ninja Warrior Competition Obstacle Course Set Review (b4 Adventure)

American Ninja Warrior Competition Obstacle Course Set
What It Is

Kids, and adults can put their ninja warrior training to the test with the American Ninja Warrior Competition Set. The 37-piece set comes with diagrams for suggested obstacle course set-ups, two cones, two 30x20" hop sacks, eight 14-inch agility rings, 12 connectors, two jump ropes, nine wooded posts, over 150 feet of twine, and two bean bags. All of the pieces are in American Ninja Warrior colors of red, white, and blue. Players can compete in head-to-head, team, or timed competitions setting up individual games or obstacle courses in a backyard, park or at the beach. Use the bean bags and the rings for a hop scotch type game as players jump in the rings avoiding those with the bean bags. The rings can also be set up for hurdle jumping, or a bean bag toss, and the wooden posts and twine for a bear crawl. Players can jump rope, and compete in sack races. Whatever course it is, it can be customized for different ages and skill levels. 

Is It Fun?

This is a fun set for setting up obstacle courses. With so many pieces, there are an infinite number of ways to set up an obstacle course. Players can work on agility training, jump training, hurdle challenges, and target games. Diagrams with suggested obstacle courses are included but it is fun to create your own, and customize it according to age, and skill level. The included pieces are easy to use though the  hop sacks may be too small for some tall adults.

Who It’s For

This American Ninja Warrior set is for fans of the competition or anyone looking for an obstacle course set. The manufacturer recommends this for ages 3 and up but it's really best for slightly older kids, and would be fun for teens and adults too. It's designed for outdoor use, and for some friendly competition. One person could play alone or a group of people could compete against one another.

What To Be Aware Of

This set can be used outdoors in a backyard, at a park, a field, or a beach. It comes with diagrams for suggested obstacle course set-ups but players can create their own set ups as well. Plus the diagram is on a paper that will most likely not last long but it is not necessary to play with this set. 

There two 30x20" hop sacks for jump races but they may be a little small for tall adults. 

There are nine wooden posts, and over 150 feet of twine to set up a bear crawl. We were unable to demo it because the field we played in did not have grass to anchor the posts in. 

Additional American Ninja Warrior sets from b4 Adventure are also available, and can be combined with this set for more obstacle course options. 

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