American Ninja Warrior Headband, Towel, Tube, Cape & Jersey Review (b4 Adventure)

American Ninja Warrior Headband, Towel, Tube, Cape & Jersey
What It Is

You don't need to do too much training to achieve the look of an American Ninja Warrior thanks to this Official American Ninja Warrior gear from b4 Adventure. Here we have the American Ninja Warrior Cooling Towel, American Ninja Warrior Tube Wearable Waistband, American Ninja Warrior Pullover Team Jerseys, American Ninja Warrior Face Paint, American Ninja Warrior Reversible Cape, and American Ninja Warrior Headband. 

The American Ninja Warrior Cooling Towel comes packaged in a reusable plastic tube. It's sized more for kids than grown-ups when worn, but comes in handy when you need a quick cool down after a workout or race. Simply dip it in cold water, wring out, use and repeat. 

The American Ninja Warrior Tube Wearable Waistband is a slide on waistband made of cotton with elastic to hold it in place as you run, jump, and play. It features multiple built-in pockets. There is one to hold a water bottle (we found it a bit on the small side for this) and a zippered pocket in the front and back, which are sized to hold different smartphones.

The American Ninja Warrior Pullover Team Jerseys is a two-pack of mesh jerseys in red and blue (the official colors of American Ninja Warrior). Having given them a test run, we can say they are 100 percent comfortable for active use. Use them to help identify teams and/or team captains for your next home-grown American Ninja Warriors competition.

 The American Ninja Warrior Face Paint comes with two three-ounce tubes of washable face paint in red and blue. 

The American Ninja Warrior Reversible Cape is, as the name suggests, a reversible cape. Use it to crown the winner of your American Ninja Warrior contest in their designated team color, red or blue. It features a Velcro closure for wear. 

The American Ninja Warrior Headband features a moisture wicking design to absorb any sweat you might accumulate when running the American Ninja Warrior Competition Obstacle Course. Simply tie it on to wear. 

Is It Fun?

We don't know about you readers but whenever we're in training for something or simply working out, there's something about having the gear or the look that helps to further put you in the zone and mindset of whatever activity you're doing. This American Ninja Warrior gear is a great example of that. As you can see from our video review, we put this gear to use, and we have a lot of fun doing it. 

All the pieces really are functional for active play, running, racing, etc. thanks to features such as the headband's moisture wicking design, the towel's cool effect, or the handy built-ins on the waistband. 

Additionally, it's all equally perfect for pretend play. The thing about American Ninja Warrior is it's become a show enjoyed by kids and adults alike and this gear taps into that; It provides a fun way to build on the excitement of the show. Kids and parents can wear their gear while competing in their own American Ninja Warrior courses at home or simply roleplay in their living room with their capes on and war paint ready as they watch the show. 

Who It’s For

Official American Ninja Warrior products shown in this review range in terms of age-grade. Items such as the reversible cape and face paint, for example, is an item that can easily be used by kids 4 and up for non-American Ninja Warrior activities, too, such as birthday parties or team events. While other items are better suited for slightly older kids ages 9 and up. We say 9 and up because this is age-grade given to other sports toys in the line such as the American Ninja Warrior Tug of War.

What To Be Aware Of

The belt and cooling towel are machine washable. 

The face paint washes off easily with soap and water. We did find that the paint will run if you are super active and sweating a lot, so if you need a quicker method to remove it, it also came off for us easily with just makeup wipes or baby wipes.

Most of these items are one-size-fits-most, while others, such as the waistband, have a sizing chart. The one shown in this video is a S/M (small/medium). 

The jersey and towel are machine washable.

Each of these items is sold separately.  The line is a Target-exclusive at launch.

  • Fun

  • Comfort

  • Ease of using