American Ninja Warrior Tug of War Review (b4 Adventure)

American Ninja Warrior Tug of War
What It Is

Kids and adults can play the classic game of Tug of War American Ninja Warrior style with the American Ninja Warrior Tug of War Set from b4 Adventure. Inspired by the sports entertainment competition, which is now in its 10th season, this set offers friends, or families a way to engage in some friendly competition. It includes a 12 ft long heavy duty rope with two team colored handles in blue and red. The rope features a red flag with the American Ninja Warrior logo on it, and the handles are a hard foam for easy gripping. A 5 foot long starting line is also included. No instructions are included but the game is played just like classic tug-of-war. To play, divide into two equal teams. Place the flag in the center of the rope with the starting line below it. Each team holds onto one side of the rope behind the flag with the last player on each team gripping the handles. When it's time to start, players use all the Ninja Warrior strength they have to pull the rope, trying to stay on their own side of the starting line. The team that crosses the starting line first - loses the game! 

Is It Fun?

Designed for outdoor use, this portable set is well made, and would be fun for barbecues, park outings or beach days with friends or families. It can be played with on its own or as part of a bigger competition. Fans of the TV series will love putting their ninja warrior training to the test with this classic game of strength. 

Who It’s For

The manufacturer recommends this set for ages 3 and up but we think it's best suited for slightly older children. Teens and adults can play too though the rope is only long enough for 2-3 adults players per team.

What To Be Aware Of

This set allows players to play the classic game of Tug-of-War. Additional American Ninja Warrior sets are available for obstacle courses, and other types of competitions. 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy