Emzo's Kawaii Squeezies Series 5 Fantasy Creatures Review (New Dimensions Toys)

Emzo's Kawaii Squeezies Series 5 Fantasy Creatures
What It Is

The Emzo's Kawaii Squeezies  Series 5 Fantasy Creatures Collection is the latest series of slow-rising toys from New Dimensions Toys. The new collection features all different mythical creatures from dragons to unicorns to mermaids, genies, griffins, fairies, and more. All the characters in this particular collection also feature the color-change elements. 

There are a total of 12 characters to collect in this line. A collector's guide is available online, which provides details on all the different characters along with brief bios. 

  • Characters include:
  • Drake Inferno (dragon)
  • Scarlet Fire (dragon)
  • Fiona Flame (phoenix)
  • Kiki Tails (kitsune)
  • Star Blossom (unicorn)
  • Meadow Blossom (unicorn)
  • Ginny Griffin (griffin)
  • Eshani Wish (genie)
  • Marina Pearl (mermaid)
  • Serina Pearl (mermaid)
  • Cornelius Winters (yeti/abominable snowman)
  • Prim Rose (fairy)

Which character you'll get is a surprise you'll have to wait to see. The cardboard packaging is shaped almost like a mini treasure chest of sorts.

Is It Fun?

Overall, we like the new theme of this new squishy toy line, which taps into the popularity of fantasy creatures such as unicorns, mermaids, and more. These squishy toys also feature keychains, which make them well suited for fantasy play on the go and a bit of stress relief thanks to their squish factor. 

Who It’s For

The Emzo's Kawaii Squeezies Series 5 Fantasy Creatures collection is for ages 5 and up from New Dimensions Toys. 

What To Be Aware Of

While the packaging says color changing, we found it's only certain small accents on each that actually change colors. 

  • Quality

  • Collectibility

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy