Kuroba! Training Packs Review (Playmates Toys)

Kuroba! Training Packs
What It Is

On your way to becoming a Kuroba Keeper, you might need a little practice. And that's where the Kuroba Training Packs will come in handy. If you don't know, Kuroba is a new collectible line of cube-shaped creatures that let you customize and compete in a Rock, Paper, Scissors-style game. With these packs you can collect creatures and gems all while practicing your battle skills. 

There are 16 Training Packs to collect, and each one comes with a Kuroba transforming creature, a practice cube, and a creature gem. All of the Kurobas have removable panels that can be mixed and matched to create different Kuroba combinations.

Remove the face of the Kuroba to choose between rock, paper, or scissors (although in this practice mode it won't really matter), and then put the face back on, and prepare your Kuroba for practice battle by folding the sides of the cube over the face. With the "K" sides of the Kuroba and the practice cube facing up and each cube's three pegs facing each other, slide the cubes toward each other on a flat, smooth surface. Once the cubes collide, the Kuroba will pop open and capture the practice cube inside. Open it up, reset, and do it all over again.

Is It Fun?

The Training Packs are a fun way to get kids into the Kuroba craze. With one transforming creature and gem, it helps start a collection, but it also lets kids play on their own and engage in some roleplay as they practice becoming a Kuroba Keeper. Kids will probably want to collect more of the Training Packs, though, to collect more of the characters for customization with the panels and to eventually engage in the battle aspect between Kurobas.

Who It’s For

Kuroba! Training Packs are for ages 6 and up. These will be fun for kids who like collectible toys.

What To Be Aware Of

Kuroba! Battle Packs are also available and sold separately.

It was a little difficult to remove the face and the panels. Kids may need help from an adult.

This toy contains inaccessible magnets. Keep it away from electronic and medical devices.

Kuroba webisodes are available to watch online.

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