Hot Wheels Octopus Pier Attack and Scorpion Drive-In Attack Review (Mattel)

Hot Wheels Octopus Pier Attack and Scorpion Drive-In Attack
What It Is

Mattel's Hot Wheels City sets include one Hot Wheels car, and each one is sold separately. They are recommended for ages 4-8. With the Octopus Pier Attack set you'll enter the pier and spin the head of the giant eight-armed beast. He'll push you along through a giant wave and up to a pretty lighthouse. If you make it through the lighthouse, grab some lunch at the Scorpion Drive-In Attack set. Enter through the spatula and drive up to the window. A super-sized scorpion will take your order, but it may be you that's the main course! Hit the spatula to get to the pick-up window. I don't see a window but you will get picked up. Will you get dropped into the deep fryer or will you escape? All sets can be attached to each other, and additional tracks can also be added. Hot Wheels are classics, and these sets will add fun and whimsy to play time. 

Is It Fun?
Yes, kids will love the wacky adventures in Hot Wheels City.  
Who It’s For
Hot Wheels fans, ages 4-8.
What To Be Aware Of
Each set is sold separately.  
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