Jurassic World Velociraptor "Blue" & Owen and Gyrosphere & Claire Review (Mattel)

Jurassic World Velociraptor
What It Is

Bring to life action from the new movie Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom with Jurassic World Velociraptor "Blue" & Owen and Gyrosphere & Claire action figure sets. Each is sold separately.

With Velociraptor "Blue" & Owen, you get a poseable 3.75-inch action figure of Owen wearing a removable arm guard, as well as a Blue dinosaur figure. Blue has a poseable head, arms, and mouth, plus a forward leap action feature. When you press down on the figure and then release, the action figure will pop up.

The Gyrosphere & Claire set comes with a poseable 3.75-inch Claire action figure and a gyrosphere with space for seating two action figures inside. One half of the gyrosphere has a cracked look to mimic a scene from the movie.

Is It Fun?

Whether kids are recreating scenes from Jurassic World or making up their own action-packed dinosaur adventures, these action figure sets will inspire a lot of imaginative play. The poseability and detail of the action figures are really nice and make these something that even older fans might just want to keep out on display.

Who It’s For

These Jurassic World action figure packs are for ages 3 and up, and will be fun for younger fans of dinosaurs and older fans of the Jurassic World movies.

What To Be Aware Of

We think the action feature of Blue might be difficult for younger kids to accurately activate, which might end up being frustrating for them.

The gyrosphere does have to be assembled.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy