Barbie Malibu Ave Grocery Store with Doll Review (Mattel)

Barbie Malibu Ave Grocery Store with Doll
What It Is

Kids love to go to the supermarket and now children will be able to play that out with Barbie in this imaginative set that features a fully stocked shelf, shopping cart, check out lane with a real working conveyer belt. Barbie comes with a perfectly styled black and pink rose dress and white sneakers. 

The Barbie Malibu Ave Grocery Store comes with over 25 pieces in all and kids will enjoy acting out shopping with Barbie as she picks items out from the stocked shelves and places items in or under the shopping cart. Once Barbie is done she can head to the check-out lane and place the items on the conveyer belt-- slide the knob and the items will fall right into the reusable shopping bag. A reusable shopping bag because Barbie cares about the environment, so of course she brings her own reusable shopping bag.

While at check out Barbie can pick up a magazine or flowers. A register, aisle number and credit card machine are also part of the imaginative play.

Is It Fun?

Children will enjoy exploring the different scenarios of play; being the customer, working behind the register, mimicking mommy or daddy as they can now be in charge of choosing what to buy.

Who It’s For

Barbie Malibu Ave Grocery Store set is great for children 3 and up, especially for those Barbie fans as well as kids that love to role play with their dolls.

What To Be Aware Of

The doll isn't jointed at the knees, and it will not stand on its own.

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