Alex D.I.Y. Do Dats Series 1 Burgadette Unie Celeste and Punky Review (Alex)

Alex D.I.Y. Do Dats Series 1 Burgadette Unie Celeste and Punky
What It Is

Your friends will be asking, "How did you do dat?" When you wear and display your Alex D.I.Y. Do Dats Series 1 collection, featuring the characters of Burgadette, Unie, Celeste, Punky, Gloria, and Sprinkles, everyone will want to know how you created the cute bead characters. Each Do Dats kit comes with between 25 and 29 pieces that you can assemble following the instructions or, if you have more than one Do Dat, you can mix and match the pieces to create all-new bead characters. This uses a no-knot beading system to make it easy to assemble.

Thanks to the clips at the top, you can clip them to a backpack or bag and wear them as a charm. And they all have linkable hands, so you can connect as you collect.

Is It Fun?

These are really cute and will be just a fun little craft for crafty kids to make. With the different styles in series 1, kids will like making and collecting the characters that appeal to them, or they can try to collect all six. These would also make great birthday party favors.

Who It’s For

Do Dats are for crafty kids ages 6 and up who also like to collect toys.

What To Be Aware Of

The instructions are general instructions that can be applied to all the characters. While these were pretty easy to put together, there were times when we had trouble pulling the rubbery body frame through the bead holes. 

There are six Do Dats to collect in series 1, and each is sold separately.

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