Talking Monstar Pouch Volt Review (ZIPIT)

Talking Monstar Pouch Volt
What It Is

Pencil storage doesn't have to be boring. With ZIPIT, you get funny monsters storing your pencils, and with the Talking Monstar Pouch Volt, you get a funny monster character to interact with through a free app. 

Like with all ZIPIT pouches, this red pouch is made up of one very long zipper. If you just keep unzipping it, you'll unzip the whole thing. Don't worry, though. It can easily be zipped back up. What you'll also notice about this storage pouch is that when you unzip it, you'll reveal monster teeth waiting to chomp your pencils and pens. This pouch is also decorated with fiery monster eyes.

But when you download the free iOS or Android ZIPIT Monstar app and scan the pouch into the app, you'll be able to bring the Volt character or one of the three other Monstar characters to life. (The three other characters of Ace, Sky, and Grizzle are sold separately.) Volt tells jokes and has unique props and poses so you can take pictures of Volt to share with your friends or save to your device's photo gallery. You can also record your voice and hear Volt say it back to you in three different pitches. The recordings can be shared on social media.

Is It Fun?

The look of this storage pouch is different from traditional pencil pouches, and we think that kids will like the silliness of the monster face and the cool zippered look and feel. The interactivity with the character adds some playability to the pouch and makes it a storage container and toy in one.

Who It’s For

The Talking Monstar Pouch Volt is for ages 3 and up, but we think that slightly older kids ages 5 and up will have the most fun interacting with their monster friends through the app and using the pouch to store their school supplies.

What To Be Aware Of

Additional pouch sizes for Volt and additional Monstar characters (Ace, Sky, and Grizzle) are also available and sold separately.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy