DadWare Bamboo Bondaroo Review (Mom N' DadWare LLC)

DadWare Bamboo Bondaroo
What It Is

Warning: repeated use may result in awesome parenting and a closer family with more love!

Sleep more, cry less, and promote better bonding by creating a stress-free and safe, familiar environment for your baby. Help dad bond with his new baby. Bond with your baby using this shirt that promotes skin-to-skin contact with your new born. Now dads can get in on the bonding action with this soft shirt that promotes, snuggly, womb-like swaddling. The Bondaroo features a flap allowing the user to easily engage in skin-to-skin bonding with their newborn and it has been shown that skin-to-skin bonding is critical to healthy development of newborns. This type of bonding, can stabilize baby's heart rate, decrease crying, improve breathing patterns and maintain baby's body temperatures. It is also designed to empower dads to care for their new baby as well as become intuitive to their baby's signs of hunger or worry and become more emotionally supportive.

Why Is It Useful?

This kangaroo care style shirt is recommended for birth to 6 months of age. We also recommend this shirt for dads who would love to get closer to their babies and feel connected to them. It is also 100% manufactured in the U.S.A.

Who It’s For

This shirt is so soft. It makes you want to curl up and cuddle. Plus, with stylish details dad can look cool and feel comfortable while bonding with baby. Likewise the smooth Velcro is strong, but that being said, the Bondaroo does not actually carry your baby.

What To Be Aware Of

This shirt is not a baby carrier. Shirt does not support baby and serious injury or death may result if shirt is not used correctly. Do not stand while baby is in shirt only use while seated or lying down and your baby can still suffocate if positioned incorrectly. Also, this shirt is machine washable. 

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