Barnyard Ballers Pig, Ball Bird Pheasant and Ruffian Cow Dog Toys Review (Steeldog LLC)

Barnyard Ballers Pig, Ball Bird Pheasant and Ruffian Cow Dog Toys
What It Is

These little rascals might be cute, but they are also designed to be tough. The Barnyard Ballers collection are realistic plush toys with a tennis ball tucked inside for added fun, durability and toughness. Here we have the Ruffian Cow who not only has a tennis ball inside, but has crinkle features as well as a squeaker Likewise, the Pig comes with crinkle features, while the Ball Bird Pheasant has no squeakers at all, but has amazing feather details.  

Is It Fun?

To be honest, I wasn't sure how my dogs would react to a plush toy that primarily had a tennis ball as the main attraction as opposed to a squeaker, but surprisingly they loved it. Both of my pups loved chewing and compressing on them. My oldest, Rockie, even dug for the tennis ball inside the Pheasant just like he would have if there was a squeaker. Plus, I found these toys great for fetching and playing tug-a-war.

Who It’s For

These toys are designed for medium chewers and built for fun-time fetching. They are also ideal for dogs that love compressing and playing with tennis balls. 

What To Be Aware Of

 While my dogs may have liked this product, each dog is different so results may vary.

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  • People Fun

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