The Smartlink Feeder: Intelligent Pet Bowl Review (Our Pets)

The Smartlink Feeder: Intelligent Pet Bowl
What It Is

Besides simply monitoring mealtime, the Smartlink Feeder uses bluetooth and wi-fi technology to keep track of your pets intake, and also has the capability to register the health of the pet wearing the smart collar attachment. It's also valuable to note that if any of your animals aren't used to wearing collars, get them used to wearing one before purchasing the Smartlink Feeder. The system requires a tag be worn on the collar in order for the intelligent pet bowl to operate as intended.

Why Is It Useful?

The Smartlink Feeder is super easy to set up, making it very easy to use in your home. Simply pop in 3 D batteries to the bowl base (not included fyi), and the flat lithium battery into the tag (that one is included but needs a small Philips head screwdriver to access). And then link the two items by placing the tag in front of the bowl's sensor window and holding the power button.  Honestly, the hardest part of the set up was getting the tag onto Clawd's collar because he just wouldn't sit still.

Who It’s For

So this system is ideal in homes that have multiple cats on different diets. Or in homes with cats AND dogs, which seem to require more specificity to ensure pets are eating the correct portions and are sticking to their diet. It's also handy in homes with small children because it keeps the tiny, wandering hands out of the pet food dishes. An all around win. 

What To Be Aware Of

A gentle reminder for future consumers would be the unique sensor tag can only be worn by one pet. To accommodate multiple pet households, additional Smartlink Feeders need to be used.

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