Party Popteenies Surprise Popper, Double Surprise Popper, and Party Surprise Box Playset Review (Spin Master)

Party Popteenies Surprise Popper, Double Surprise Popper, and Party Surprise Box Playset
What It Is

Turn every day into a party with Party Popteenies. This new line of collectible dolls and accessories comes packaged in party poppers and gift boxes that each contain surprises inside only revealed once kids open it up.

There are three party themes: Cutie Animal Creatures, Rainbow Unicorn Surprise, and Winter Wonderland Surprise. Kids can collect the 25 dolls and accessories in series 1 through several different types of Party Popteenies toys, each sold separately.

When you pop open a Surprise Popper, you'll find a doll, two accessories, a collectible poster, and confetti. A Double Surprise Popper comes with a special glitter edition doll, a pet, seven accessories, stickers, a collectible poster, and confetti.

There is also a Party Surprise Box Playset that's wrapped up like a gift box. You'll be able to see which Popteenie doll you're getting, but you'll have to unwrap the playset to discover which treats and party essentials are inside to help turn the box into a party playset. This set comes with a doll, a pet, three pieces of furniture, 10 accessories, stickers, a confetti popper, and a collectible poster.

Is It Fun?

These mini dolls are very cute, and kids will like not just the surprise of finding out which doll and theme they're getting but also the surprise of popping open the package and having confetti burst out. It really is like a mini party in a box! The collectible aspect of these dolls will be a lot of fun but so will setting up and playing out the ultimate party.

Who It’s For

Party Popteenies are for ages 4 and up, and will be fun collectibles for girls who like dolls and collectible toys.

What To Be Aware Of

The Popteenies Poppers are one time use only and cannot be reloaded.

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy