Petlinks Scratchers Choice+ Scratching Pad Review (Worldwise)

Petlinks Scratchers Choice+ Scratching Pad
What It Is

With the Scratcher's Choice, there are a couple different bonuses in the packaging. Do be careful, after purchasing your Scratcher's Choice, to keep the box intact, because the box is used as one of the elements for the products extra features. Start by removing only the top perforated side of the box. Inside you will find the catnip infused corrugated rectangle board, and one flattened piece of cardboard with punch-out pieces. The flattened cardboard folds together in order to sit at the end of the product as a toy track, used as a playtime enhancement. Its like a peek-a-boo game, where tiny paws can grab for the two cardboard pinwheels that are included, or even treats that you put in there yourself.

Is It Fun?

This Petlinks product does it's best to make this scratcher as attractive to cats as possible. Using all the tricks to make cats think scratching the catnip infused cardboard is better than the legs of my dining room table. And we're happy to say they've succeeded in our home. And because its large enough for a cat to spread out and relax on, the cats even take to lounging on this piece when the sun hits it just right. In addition to its many uses, we seem to have found another one!

Who It’s For

We all should know why having at least one scratching option in your home is just good practice. Not only does it create an energy releasing option, but it also keeps your cat's nails trim and your furniture intact. So scratchers, especially the Scratcher's Choice, is good for all types of felines!!

What To Be Aware Of

We would suggest putting a couple of rubber stickies on the bottom corners of this piece. With the outer cardboard shell making a slick surface on my hardwood floors, four rubber stickies kept it in place while in use.

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  • People Fun

  • Value