TOGfit Pet Roadster Review (Hauck)

TOGfit Pet Roadster
What It Is
The TOGfit Pet Roadster is a pet stroller made by German manufacturer Hauck.  Hauck also makes kids strollers and other fine products.  The Pet Roadster is rated to hold up to 70 lbs.  It has a tubular steel frame, large wheels and a suspension system that make it good for any kind of terrain.  It also has a locking brake for safety.  Pet strollers are great for taking timid dogs or injured dogs into a public area.  The tear resistant netting provides ample air flow and keeps well-meaning strangers from trying to pet your dog.  There is a large storage area on the bottom for carrying your doggy essentials.  The riding area for your dog/dogs is 30" X 15"  so 2 to 3 smalls dogs are 3 medium should have a enough space. The Pet Roadster is portable since it can be folded for storage or to take in the car and it comes with a removable cushion that can be easily washed.  
Why Is It Useful?
The Pet Roadster is a quality pet stroller that can be used to keep your dogs safe and out of reach of well-meaning people who want to pet them.  This can also be used for pet parent exercise since it has large wheels and a suspension that allow it to be pushed on almost any terrain.  The Pet Roadster would also be good for puppies or older dogs that do not have a lot of stamina.
Who It’s For
The TOGfit Pet Roadster is great for pet parents who like to take their smaller sized dogs everywhere.  The mesh netting gives them a sense of security while maintaining air-flow and their ability to see and smell.  The Pet Roadster is also good for dogs that might be injured or for pet parents that would like to exercise with their pets. 
What To Be Aware Of
The TOGfit Pet Roadster can fold for easy storage.  It only took a few moments for us to set up the Pet Roadster. 
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