KatKabin Dez Rez Review (Brinsea Products)

KatKabin Dez Rez
What It Is

The KatKabin Dez Rez, which is short for desirable residence, makes the perfect cozy nook for your outside cat.  Your furbabies can take shelter from the rain, wind, and cold.  And with the high-grade, fade resistant materials that it is made from means that it will withstand the widest range of temperature extremes. So if you treat this Dez Rez right, it will really stand the test of time and elements .

Why Is It Useful?

Each KatKabin can be customizable. From a variety of different colors that can either blend with your garden or your outdoor area or even the interior of your home. You're also able to choose whether you'd like 1 or two entrances for your KatKabin, (I was working with one that had one entryway).  And most Kabins come with removable cat flaps for the entrances and a washable interior cat cushion.

Who It’s For

The KatKabin is really geared toward feline parents who want that peace of mind when they let their cat outdoors, making sure they have somewhere safe and dry to hang out while prowling in the outside world. Which makes it fairly obvious that it proves most useful when inclement weather strikes and you aren't home to let your fur baby inside.

What To Be Aware Of

One piece of advice for those using the Kabin is to make sure you check it every once and awhile to make sure that other furry critters that live near and around your residence, aren't also making the Dez Rez their home. 

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