GeartacK9 Review (Geartac Systems)

What It Is
Geartac K9 is a bandolier style shoulder harness for pet parents who have large strong dogs.  The idea is to take the pressure off of your arm and hands and instead, spread it out over your legs, back and shoulders.  The strap is adjustable and any leash can be attached to the reach leaving the dog-walker hands free and able to pick up waste, use their cell-phone or enjoy a beverage.  There is a convenient pouch on the back that can be used to hold wastebags for use or to store the ones that are already full.  The Geartac K9 is made from tactical quality materials that you might see worn by our military or police tactical squads.  Geartac manufactures in the USA . 
Why Is It Useful?
For pet parents who didn't believe that their little puppy would get as large as it has, the Geartac K9 can be very useful.  This shoulder harness is also great for runners or hikers that like to take their pooches with them on their excursions. Also the Geartac K9 could assist older or younger caretakers or those who may have orthopedic issues.
Who It’s For
The Geartac K9 is for pet parents who may have orthopedic issues, humans who are outweighed by their large dogs or anyone who likes to trek into the wild with their canine companion. 
What To Be Aware Of
The Geartac K9 has additional accessories available for sale separately by Geartac Systems.  Geartac K9 is made in the U.S.A.  The pouch will not dispense waste bags that come in rolls easily.  It's more useful for stuffing bags inside in bunches.
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