Snap Dolls Review (Cortex Toys)

Snap Dolls
What It Is

SnapDolls from Cortex Toys puts a modern-day twist to classic paper dolls. The idea is the same: the kit comes with one SnapDoll character, plus three outfits and eight accessories you can mix and match. The difference is in how these dolls are made and the materials used to make them. The two-dimensional dolls are made of fabric and feature snaps on their torsos, heads, hands, and feet where kids can attach the included snap-on apparel and accessories. 

The apparel pieces, as well as accessories, feature soft felt backings and use various types of fabrications and accents that also offer a certain amount of sensory play for younger kids. There are currently four characters in the line, Kate and Zoey, shown in our video review, along with Cloe and Maddie. Each character has a different little backstory written up in her bio on the back of the doll's packaging. 

To dress up your doll, simply snap on any of the apparel and accessories. While the apparel pieces can really only be placed on the torso of the doll, the accessories can be placed in a variety of places.

Is It Fun?

We think this is a great first dress-up doll line for younger kids that are into fashion and doll play. The fact that the characters' biographies don't match up to the actual apparel and accessories included with each doll was a slight pet peeve for us since the backstories don't even seem essential to include at that point. However, we also think kids won't feel restricted to depict the dolls a certain way because of this variation. 

Who It’s For

SnapDolls are for ages 3 and up from Cortex Toys. They are well suited for kids that like dolls and fashion play. For parents, this is also a good hands-on toy line that can easily be folded up and thrown in your bag for play on the go.

What To Be Aware Of
There are currently four SnapDoll characters in the line.

Some of the snap-on accessories vary from how they appear on packaging. For example, the mermaid tail is more like a strap-less dress with the doll's feet showing. 

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