Moyo Cat Condo Review (PetPals)

Moyo Cat Condo
What It Is

But this product is more than just a space for sleeping. With the Moyo's sturdy structural design and the fact that its made of several different textures and materials, it wasn't hard for my cats to find many other uses out of it.

The sisal covered roof is curved in such a way that it makes it ideal for scratching from any vantage point. Your cat can sit entirely on the condo and enjoy some scratch time, or stretch up, if they are sitting on the floor, to reach the roof. And even after some use, it still looks just like it did when I pulled it out of the box. Which means its sturdy, durable and will get a lot of bang for it's buck. 
Why Is It Useful?

With the Moyo's shape and design, it neatly fits in almost any corner of your living space. So this fleece lined hideaway, is perfect, whether your cat wants to scratch, play, or hide.

Who It’s For

The Moyo Cat Condo is great for curious cats who need a lot of outlets.  Our favorite part of the Moyo cat condo were the teasing toys that are attached to each entrance. THEY ARE AMAZING.  They are furry baubles with tiny bells on them that are fixed to the product in such a way that they are NOT GOING ANYWHERE. Clawd pretty much thought he was a boxer and sat on the roof of the Moyo, and just used the teasing toys as a punching bag. It was so entertaining to watch. And, come to find out, he has excellent paw/eye coordination.

What To Be Aware Of
This particular design from PetPals, only comes in the neon green fabric.  Great for catching the kitties eye, but could sometimes be an eyesore for humans.
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