Helix Fun Paddle Set Review (Zing)

Helix Fun Paddle Set
What It Is

Here's the latest classic summer game to get the Zing treatment--which, of course means better performance and more fun. The Helix Paddle Fun game is a combination of Kadima and Badminton using two paddles and unique shuttlecocks that are designed for slow or fast play and short or long distances. They also have a built-in spin technology that allows for more accurate sailing and a high performance, responsive bounce head that works well when you hit it. 

Of course, like all sports toys, this is dependent on the skill of the person playing, but it's pretty easy to use and fun for all skill levels. 

Is It Fun?

This is easy, active play, and don't worry if you get a rainy day, you can play this inside without worrying about hurting the furniture, if you have the space. This kind of simple play is what summer is all about, and whether you're in the backyard or at the beach, take this along for some great summer play.

Who It’s For
This is recommended for kids ages 6 years and up. Younger kids who have the ability to hit the shuttlecocks and won't get frustrated will certainly enjoy this, too.

It's ideal for teenagers and older or anyone who likes an active game that's easy to learn and engaging.

What To Be Aware Of

The unique design of the paddle and the bounce head are what give this the added action. We're not 100% sure, but we think that makes it easier to play. 

The pieces are all made of plastic, so no worries if they get wet during beach play.

This set is available exclusively at Target.
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