Pearl and Pheasant Orange Feather Cat Toy Review (PetPals)

Pearl and Pheasant Orange Feather Cat Toy
What It Is

The glittery wand is made of an acrylic pole that is flexible, yet strong enough to withstand any cat's size and strength  during playtime. And the teasing end of the stick is comprised of one long pheasant feather, a bundle of colorful flowy feathers as well as a tiny bell to keep your cat engaged.

Is It Fun?

 I, the human, enjoyed using it with my cats because it gives us time to spend together. Even a couple minutes everyday when I get home from work helps me relax and gets my cats moving, since I know that they've probably been cat-napping all day.

Who It’s For

This is a great way to get even the laziest of cats up and moving. The smells they pick up from real feathers gets them curious and the rest of the wand keeps them focused on playtime. And Clawd definitely needs to keep focus during playtime, since he can get rather lazy sometimes

What To Be Aware Of

Just remember to use a bit of caution if your cat is a "feather head." Even though the pheasant feather is strong, if left unattended in the wrong paws, you may come back to find the feather has disappeared.

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