Adjustable Pearl Red Feather Cat Toy Review (PetPals)

Adjustable Pearl Red Feather Cat Toy
What It Is

This adjustable wand from Petpals is especially useful for owners. Sincem you are able to customize the wand, and also know that it is going stand the test of time, this is sure to be a playtime favorite. We especially liked that the lures are connected to the wand via a translucent sturdy fishing wire. Making it appear to your cat as if the feathers on the end of the teasers are floating and falling all by themselves.

Is It Fun?
My cat, Clawd, really enjoyed playing with this.  I was able to tease him from afar, and he was kept occupied for hours!
Who It’s For

We would imagine that this wand is suited for all types of cats, but especially useful for ones that are aggressive during playtime. Cat toys like these are mostly designed to engage our furry friends and bring out their hunting instincts. And depending on the cat, their hunting styles might differ. This wand is able to account for all those types.

What To Be Aware Of

With all wand and teaser toys, make sure to be diligent about putting the wand away when it's not in use. This helps ensure the safety of your pet and the life of the toy.

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  • People Fun

  • Value