Magic LED-Ball Review (PetPals)

Magic LED-Ball
What It Is

We enjoy the simple things, and that's exactly what the Magic Ball is. It is operated by 3 AG 13 batteries, that come in the packaging, and are easily assembled into the sphere by simply unscrewing the two halves of the ball, and making sure the plus sides of the battery are up. Now you close up the ball, and activate the lights and motions via the push button on top, and then let the ball roll.  Set it, and forget it.  Until it's time to turn it off.

Why Is It Useful?
This Ball is useful in homes where cats like to play on their own.  The motor inside the ball will keep this thing running as long as the button is in the on position.  So unlike interactive wand toys, with a cat who is active enough, they can tire THEMSELVES out on this unstoppable ball.
Who It’s For
If your cat likes to pounce and chase, then the Magic LED Ball is going to be a favorite in your home.
What To Be Aware Of

With the flashing LED lights inside, even if the ball was trapped somewhere, as a pet parent, I was easily able to find it because of the lights. Almost like a lighthouse. Because a lot of the times, Clawd will bat something around, and then it's lost until we do Spring Cleaning. Not the case with the Magic LED Ball. This is a product that is sure to be used over and over again in active cat households.

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