Cutie Fruities Basket and Cutie Fruities Minis Review (Magic Time)

Cutie Fruities Basket and Cutie Fruities Minis
What It Is

Cutie Fruities is a line of collectible sweet fruit-scented and -shaped toys from Magic Time International. Shown here are the Cutie Fruities Basket and the Cutie Fruities Mini Cups. 

The basket comes with a whole fruit family hidden inside with mom, dad, baby fruit and more. Peel back the layers of whatever fruit you have hidden inside (we got a peach!) to reveal the slices of family members. The pit in our peach at the center was the family dog. The basket serves double duty as both a place to store your Fruities when playtime is over and a setting for play. 

The Cutie Fruities Mini Cups is where the collectibility comes into play. Designed to look like fruit cups on the exterior, you'll need to peel back the lid to reveal which characters you'll get. Open your Cutie Fruities Mini Cup to reveal two characters plus one super surprise character in a blind bag. Each is, as you can smell as soon as you open the packaging, sweetly scented. Kids can collect more than 40 character ranging in collectibility from common to rare to limited edition. 

Is It Fun?

 At this point there are a LOT of scented plush collectible lines on the market and in terms of quality, these simply don't match up to the quality we've seen from others on the market. The printed-on facial features on the Cutie Fruities are often hard to see and quite honestly not as cute as we'd hope for given how clever we found the packaging. 

That said, in looking for the positives, we think if you are looking for a collectible line of scented plush that's a bit more wallet friendly, this might still be worth a look. 

Who It’s For

The Cutie Fruities Basket and the Cutie Fruities Mini Cups are for ages 3 and up. They will appeal to kids collecting scented toys 

What To Be Aware Of
This line is available exclusively at Walmart.
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