Fiesty Pets Vicky Vicious, Glenda Glitterpoop, Sammy Suckerpunch, Sir Growls-A-Lot Review (Jazwares)

Fiesty Pets Vicky Vicious, Glenda Glitterpoop, Sammy Suckerpunch, Sir Growls-A-Lot
What It Is

The William Marks Feisty Pets from Jazwares is an interactive line of plush animals that go from friendly to terrifying with just a quick squeeze. There are six characters in this line. Featured here are five of the six characters: Princess Pottymouth the Kitty, Sir Growls-A-Lot the bear, Sammy Suckerpunch the pup, Vicky Vicious the bunny, and Glenda Glitterpoop the unicorn.

All the characters work the same. When not directly interacting with them or simply snuggling them, they are, by all reports, cute looking stuffed animals with big eyes and sweet smiles. However, these are stuffed animals with an attitude. If you get on their bad side, they could get a bit feisty. Give them a squeeze at the back of their head and they'll quickly change into rage-filled creatures, bearing fangs, wicked grins, and more. These pets are as their name says, Feisty. 

Is It Fun?
Despite the scary appearance of these toys in "feisty" mode, there is also a uniqueness to them that will cast a wide net to appeal to boys and girls, as well as adults. The different characters also add a bit of collectibility to the line as well.
Who It’s For
Feisty Pets are for ages 5 and up, but we categorize this as a know-your-audience toy; because these toys can be pretty scary looking in "feisty" mode they may be too scary for some kids. Others, kidults included, will more likely just be entertained by the feature.
What To Be Aware Of

On the back of their packaging, you'll also get a sense of each character's personality.

Fans of the toys can also learn more about the characters by tuning into the Feisty Films YouTube channel, which follows the adventures of these toys with an attitude. 

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  • Collectibility