Create A Castle Pro Tower Kit Review (Create A Castle)

Create A Castle Pro Tower Kit
What It Is

Build sand castles like a pro with this amazing sand molding kit. The Create A Castle Pro Tower set from Create A Castle is a well-designed and versatile set that lets you build castles up to two feet tall...or higher.

Now, you've probably seen other sand molding toys in the past, but this is both innovative and a dramatic improvement on anything you would have seen before. The modular, split mold design makes building easy and successful. Buckle up the mold and fill it. This set includes the Create A Castle two-piece 10 inch turret, a stackable 6 inch cylinder for additional height, a corbel to add stabilization and a beautiful effect in between the towers, battlement brick form, window cutter and a mesh backpack for simple transportation and cleanup!

There are lots of other details, too, such as the buckles that can be snapped off to be sand tools, and, of course, the molding almost always gives you a great result because they split apart, rather than having to shake the sand out of a mold. You'll want to experiment with different amounts of water, and different consistencies of sand will give you different results as well, but that's all part of the fun. Different, smaller sets are sold separately. Oh, and when summer's over, you can use these in the snow, too. This is a really exceptional product that's beautifully designed and engineered and will stand up to years of play. It's great for builders of all ages, and if your summer plans include a visit to the beach, you'll want to take this along.

Is It Fun?

We have been really impressed by this set. Because you can build the basic towers and decorations so easily, kids can spend more time being creative with different configurations.

It's fun for families, for kids of all ages and abilities and inspires lots of creative play in the sand.

...or snow.

Who It’s For

This is for kids of all ages. Families will love it for the ease of play, clean up and portability.

What To Be Aware Of

Other sets are sold separately, and you can buy individual pieces.

As noted, you can play in the snow with these, too.

You can purchase these sets and others at the Create A Castle web site.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy