Color Fold Logic Puzzle Review (ThinkFun)

Color Fold Logic Puzzle
What It Is

Color Fold from ThinkFun is a logic puzzle that looks like a handkerchief or cloth but is actually a puzzle.

So, How Does it Work?

The idea of this brain teaser is that the cloth acts like a Rubik's Cube of sorts, in which you have to flip and fold it to work your way through different puzzle challenges--- 40 to be exact. 

How to Play:

Select a challenge card, examine it, and then locate the matching colored squares on the cloth. Next, fold the cloth in such a way that only the colored squares indicated are shown. To do so, fold the cloth along the solid black lines horizontally and vertically as well as diagonally along the white lines. There are two types of folds indicated: the underfold (indicated by the red arrow on the solutions) and the overfold (indicated by the green arrow on the solution). 

There are four challenge levels to work through starting with beginner to intermediate to advanced, and lastly expert. 

Is It Fun?

The challenges require more brain power, the more advanced they become but we like that kids and adults can work their way up at their own pace. We also like it as a brain-boosting exercise that can help improve your visual perception and sequential reasoning skills in a creative way. Because each challenge level is color-coded, players can easily focus on beginner challenges  just by grabbing all the green cards. 

Who It’s For

The Color Fold Logic Puzzle is from ThinkFun, and it's for ages 8 and up. We think puzzlers that enjoy a good brain tease will like the challenge, repeat play value, and innovation the use of the cloth brings to the gameplay. Plus, if you are looking for a game that can be played on the go and solo for travel, this one is a great compact option.

What To Be Aware Of

Solutions are located on the back of each card, which you can use to check once you've solve the challenge or if get stumped and need to look (it happens). 

  • Fun

  • Repeat Play

  • Assembly & Instructions

    None or Very Easy