Shopkins Shoppies Lolita Pops, Pommie, and Summer Peaches Review (Moose Toys)

Shopkins Shoppies Lolita Pops, Pommie, and Summer Peaches
What It Is

These Shopkins Shop Style Shoppies Dolls add on to the Shopkins Season 10 Mini Packs line. Featured in this review are: Summer Peaches, Pommie, and Lolita Pops. 

The Shoppies Summer Peaches doll is an image of peachy perfection with her coral ensemble with peach accents throughout, such as her peach-topped headband, peach-printed cheeks, skirt and wedged sandels. 

Pommie is all about the pink and green pom poms, which are seen on her headband, printed skirt, and pom-laced platform boots. 

The Lolita Pops doll looks like she stepped straight out of the world of Willy Wonka or the Lollipop Woods of Candy Land with her candy-inspired look. Her headband has a translucent pop-like accent and her lollipop theme makes its way throughout to her outfit. 

Each of the Shoppies dolls comes packaged with her matching Shopkins BFF. We've got Sweetie Le Peach (Summer Peaches), Pammy Pom Pom (Pommie), and Libby Lolly Jar (Lolita Pop). 

Is It Fun?

The Shoppies have always been about showing off their passion for fashion paired up it with fun themes. This new group of characters continues to build on that, while also tapping into trendy color combos and accents such as the pom pom characters Pommie and Pammy Pom Pom. 

Who It’s For

 The Shopkins Season 10 Mini Packs Shop Style Shoppies Dolls are for ages 5 and up from Moose Toys. They will appeal to Shopkins fans and collectors for their newness factor as well as stylish themes. In addition, these dolls are a fun option for Shopkins fans for doll play, fashion play, and hair play.

What To Be Aware Of

Not shown is the Jascenta and Peyton Perfume Shoppies pack, which is sold separately.

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  • Assembly & Instructions

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