Chuckit! Ring Chaser Review (Petmate)

Chuckit! Ring Chaser
What It Is
The Ring Chaser from Petmate is a different take on doggy fetch toys.  Instead of a launcher tossing a ball, this one tosses a ring with a lot of topspin that makes it bounce erratically similar to the way small prey might if they were chased by your canine kid.  This dog toy is excellent for dogs with high prey drive and also for dogs that like to fetch.  The ring is easy on the teeth and gums and can be picked up off of the ground easily since the center is hollow.  The ergonomic handle that ChuckIt! has become famous for is designed to offer slobber-free pickup of the ring only.  You cannot use tennis type balls with this launcher. 
Is It Fun?
This is an excellent interactive toy for doggy parent and canine kid.  The Ring Chaser should provide hours of fun for you and your fetching Fido.
Who It’s For
The ChuckIt! Ring Chaser is for any dog that likes to fetch.  The ring isn't very large so this is probably best used by medium and smaller dogs.  Dogs with a high prey drive should like the action on the tossed ring since it comes off of the launcher with lots of top spin that makes it bounce erratically the way small animals might. 
What To Be Aware Of
The ChuckIt! Ring Chaser launcher is designed to pick up the ring only.  It cannot be used with balls.  The launcher allows for slobber-free pickup.  The Ring is not a chew toy.  Do not leave it with your dog long, it will not likely hold up to aggressive chewing.  It will hold up to hard surfaces and in-transit chomping. 
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