JW Holee Gourmet Turkey Leg Review (Petmate)

JW Holee Gourmet Turkey Leg
What It Is
The Holee Gourmet Turkey Leg is one of the 3 Holee Gourmet Dog Toys from Petmate.  Each toy is multi-functional since they can be used as treat dispensers, chew toys, fetch toys or even as a light tug toy.   Each Holee Gourmet toy comes in 2 parts, the outer webbed shell which is reminiscent of the popular JW Holee Roller and the bone portion which is vinyl and seems to look like the JW Evertuff bones.  These toys can be stuffed with jerky type treats in between the webbing and the bone.  You can also use soft treats like peanut butter on the cavities designed into the bone portion to create a more difficult challenge.  The Holee Gourmet toys come in 3 styles, the turkey leg, the steak and the peanut.  All of the Holee Gourmet toys are non-toxic and come in 2 sizes large and small. 
Is It Fun?
This can be great fun for dogs.  This type of toy give them the chance to win their food which experts feel is great for a pooches' self esteem.  It also exercises their natural foraging instincts.
Who It’s For
The Holee Gourmet Turkey Leg from Petmate is ideal for dogs who like treat dispensing puzzle toys.  You can also use the nylon bone portion of the toy if you have a heavy chewer on your hands. 
What To Be Aware Of
The Holee Gourmet dog toys from Petmate come in 3 styles.  The turkey leg, the steak and the peanut.  The turkey leg bone is not easy to remove.  These dog toys are non-toxic.  Like most dog toys this one is not indestructible and should be played with under pet parents supervision.
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