goDog Sugar Skull Dog Toy Review (Worldwise)

goDog Sugar Skull Dog Toy
What It Is
The goDog Sugar Skull dog toys from Worldwise are colorful and bright and very different from any other dog toys on the market.  For that reason alone they would make a welcome addition to a dog's toybox so Fido doesn't get bored as dogs are prone to do if they don't have a variety of playthings to choose from.  They are made with Chew-Guard technology which is an additional layer of safety in the form of a mesh liner inside of the toy.  This makes it more resistant to ripping or tearing.  This doesn't mean the Sugar Skull toys should be used as primary chew toys but it will give you some time to take the toy away should your dog damage it from chewing before he accidentally ingests any part of it.  The Skulls come in small and large sizes so choose the correct size for your dog. 
Is It Fun?
These toys are fun for light tossing and retrieving and light chomping.
Who It’s For

The goDog Sugar Skulls are for any dog that enjoys plush toys for fetching or just snuggling.  These toys should certainly endear themselves to anyone who celebrates the Mexican tradition of Dio del la Muerta for for pet parents who like colorful bright dog toys.  This are also good as a change up to a dogs everyday toys that they might grow tired of.

What To Be Aware Of
The goDog Sugar Skull toys come in 2 color schemes and 2 sizes, small and large.  The Rope toy is sewn onto one of the Sugar Skulls and can pull away from the rope during a spirited tug of war.  When this happens there is a gap left in the Chew Guard liner that makes getting to the stuffing and squeaker very easy so be aware should your dog pull the head off.
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