LEGO Juniors Spider-Man, Ninjago, Friends, and City Sets Review (LEGO)

LEGO Juniors Spider-Man, Ninjago, Friends, and City Sets
What It Is

Here are 4 NEW LEGO juniors easy to build construction sets designed for ages 4 to 7. There's the LEGO Friends set #10749, Mia's Organic Food Market. With 115 pieces, Mia will be very busy. The set makes a smoothie truck with fruit & vegetable accessories and comes with a Mia mini figure and bunny. The truck rolls and there's a seating section for friends to sip and relax. The LEGO Ninjago set #10755 is Zane's Ninja Boat Pursuit. It comes with 131 pieces and two mini figures, Zane and bad guy. With a motorcycle, weapons arsenal, and a boat that really floats kids can help Zane stop the bad guy and retrieve the stolen map. From LEGO City set is #10751, Mountain Police Chase. It comes with 115 pieces and two mini figures, a policeman and bad guy. Stop the thief after he busts out of jail and tries to escape on a four wheeler. The Police are in hot pursuit via mini helicopter. The LEGO set #10754 Spider-Man, Spider-Man vs Scorpion street Showdown set comes with 125 pieces including Spidey and Scorpion mini figures. The set also features a Spider-Man vehicle and Scorpion vehicle, plus a building facade and other accessories. These sets give younger LEGO fans plenty to choose from and each takes about 10 minutes to complete. Each set is sold separately.

Is It Fun?
LEGO is always fun! Both old and young alike enjoy building with LEGO and these sets designed for younger kids are great. Lots of accessories and a shorter building time make these sets challenging enough for kids starting out with LEGO building sets. Younger fans of Spiderman and Ninjago will love these introductions to much larger building experiences down the road. LEGO Friends and LEGO city are great imagination sparking sets for kids to create their own scenarios while completing these awesome sets.
Who It’s For
For ages 4 to 7 these sets are great for kids making the leap from pre-school LEGO sets to more advanced building. With themes like Spiderman and Ninjago, fans of the characters will really take to these. The LEGO City and LEGO Friends series are both excellent introductions to imaginative story telling as well as fun filled building sets. LEGO is a great sit and play toy, and promotes hand eye coordination and instruction following.
What To Be Aware Of

These sets take about 10 minutes to complete. Each set is sold separately.

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