Capital City Review (Calliope Games)

Capital City
What It Is

Calliope Games' Capital City is a strategy game for 3-6 players, ages 8+. The game includes 120 Tokens and 106 cards. Games typically take 30-50 minutes to play. The object of the game is to earn the most money and victory points. To do this, you will build businesses in the western Capital City. But you'll need help. Your family is back east so let's get them on a train to Capital City. There are a lot of details to gameplay and I do not have time for all the specifics, but here are a few highlights. There are six families represented by a common animal and last name. Each family has nine colorful members, each with his/her own unique talent. Their talents are represented by hearts, stars and gears. There are a total of 36 buildings, or potential Capital City businesses, like the General Store, Bank, Jail, and of course, the Saloon. You'll need to staff these businesses in order to earn cash. There are four rounds that take place over four seasons of one year. I love the artwork and character illustrations. It adds a bit of extra fun to the game. There are a lot of instructions here, so make sure you are patient as you learn to play Capital City. And then, it may then take a few plays before you get a good feel for the strategy. Calliope Games' website has a link for a video on how to play the game, but unfortunately, there is no video. I hope they get a video up soon, as I'm sure it will be helpful to newcomers of the game. Until then, I recommend the game to experienced strategy gamers, looking to call Capital City their home sweet swingin' home! 

Is It Fun?
Yes - the colorful characters and whimsical artwork bring an extra element of fun to this strategy game.  
Who It’s For
Strategy gamers, ages 8+
What To Be Aware Of

Games typically take 30-50 minutes to play

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