Hatchimals Hatchtopia Game Review (Cardinal)

Hatchimals Hatchtopia Game
What It Is

Get hatching, and matching with this fun children's game, Hatchimals Hatchtopia from Cardinal. It's a 2-4 player game that combines the fun of Hatchimals Colleggtibles with memory, and board game play. There are five Colleggtible figures to use as play pieces - and as an added element of surprise - two of them need to be hatched before playing. Once hatched, it's time to get started. Randomly place all the egg tokens face down on the oval spaces on the Giggling Tree. Then each player chooses a figure, which is their character for the game, and gets dealt five egg cards. The object of the game is to collect all five egg tokens from the tree that match the characters on your five cards. Game play is easy to follow, and moves fairly quickly. Players take turns rolling the die, moving their play piece clockwise around the board, and doing whatever the space directs them to do. There are five options. Two of which - the eggshell spaces and nest spaces - allow you to turn over an egg token to see if you have a match in your hand. If you do, lucky you! Remove the token from the board and place it in front of you along with the matching card. If you don't have a match, turn the egg token back over so the heart side is facing up. This is where memory skills come in because players need to try to remember if any of the tokens turned over correspond to the characters in their hand, and where on the Giggling Tree they're located. 

Is It Fun?

This is a very cute game that's sure to appeal to Hatchimals' fans. Game play is easy to pick up, and moves fairly quickly. It's fun for friends or family, and offers a great way to work on memory, matching, and counting skills. Fans of Colleggtibles will love hatching the two figures, and seeing characters they may have on the cards and tokens, as well as discovering new ones. 

Who It’s For

Hatchimals Hatchtopia is for 2-4 players ages 5 years old and up. It will especially appeal to fans of Hatchimals, and Hatchimals Colleggtibles. It would be fun to play with friends or family.

What To Be Aware Of

There are five Colleggtible figures to use as play pieces. Two of them need to be hatched before playing. Players will only hatch them the first time they play the game. Once hatched, they will be used as play pieces every time you play. To set up, randomly place all the egg tokens face down on the oval spaces on the Giggling Tree, and deal five cards to each player. The instruction sheet lists the actions for each space so players should have this out during the game for easy access, and also save it for future games.

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