The Brushless Paw Wash Review (Wild Heart)

The Brushless Paw Wash
What It Is
The Brushless Paw Wash from Wildheart, is an hour-glass shaped vessel that let's you wash each individual paw without a whole lot of wet mess.  This piece of dog gear was designed by Katie Petty as a 6th grade science project.  You add soapy water to the device and when your dog is in need of a paw cleansing, you slip his paw into the device and shake it.  This creates a vortex of cleaning.  As you remove the dogs paw the rubber insert acts like a squeegee removing most of the water.  The rest can be blotted with the micro-fiber mitt that is included in the package. This is great to have near the door after your dog goes outside in rainy or wet conditions.  It will also help dogs that are prone to grass and plant allergies that could cause skin irritation. 
Why Is It Useful?
The Brushless Paw Wash is a nice way to keep the wet and mess that could occur out of your home or car.  It can also help with allergic reactions to grass or plants.
Who It’s For
The Brushless Paw Wash is for pet parents who want to escape muddy paw prints or wet marks on the floor from their dogs.  It's also good to help remedy dogs that get skin irritations from grass or plants because of allergies.  This also works well for pet parents that take their dogs on excursions that require a car ride.  Use this before you let Mr. Muddy Paws back into your car.
What To Be Aware Of
The Brushless Paw Wash comes in 2 sizes for smaller or larger dogs. 
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