Metallic Rock Art Review (Horizon Group USA)

Metallic Rock Art
What It Is

The Metallic Rock Art Kit from the Horizon Group builds on the current trendy craft project of painting rocks and combine it with metallic tattoos. 

This kit includes two pounds of premium stones to work with, i.e. cleaned, smooth, and ready to show off your designs. To use, simply select a rock (there are so many sizes to choose from!) and then select what metallic designs you want to use to decorate it. 

Applying the design is essentially like applying a temporary tattoo only instead of applying it to your skin, you are applying it to the surface of the rocks. Cut out your metallic design, peel back the plastic cover, and place it face down on the rock's surface. Then hold a damp towel or cloth to the back of it for 60 seconds. Peel back to reveal your design. 

Is It Fun?

If you've been paying attention to social media lately, rock art is having a moment...granted it's been having a moment for centuries but right now it's trending once again. Painted and decorated rocks have become a form of town, city, and school spirit, as well as a fun way to surprise unsuspecting friends and neighbors. We like how this kit combines that trend with the fun of metallic temporary tattoos to create easy designs that take little time to make and mess free.

Who It’s For

The Metallic Rock Art Kit is for ages 6 and up. This is a craft kit that is easy to do and yields photo-worthy results instantly every time, making it a good confidence-booster activity. With so many rocks to choose from, parents and kids will also like the repeat play value to this craft kit.

What To Be Aware Of

We suggest letting your rock designs dry overnight to ensure they have properly adhered to the surface.

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