Pop Fizz Unicorn Surprise, Mermaid Surprise, Alien Surprise, and Hidden Dragon Bath Bombs Review (Horizon Group USA)

Pop Fizz Unicorn Surprise, Mermaid Surprise, Alien Surprise, and Hidden Dragon Bath Bombs
What It Is

PopFizz is a line of DIY bath bomb kits for kids. The Horizon Group has taken the instagram/ YouTube-worthy trend of bath bomb-making and turned it into fun themed DIY kits for kids. What makes these particular kits special are the surprise figurines kids can hide inside. Shown in this video are the following four kits: PopFizz Unicorn Surprise, PopFizz Mermaid Surprise, PopFizz Hidden Dragon, and PopFizz Alien Surprise. Each comes with a bag of bath bomb mix, a resealable bag of bathing soda, essential oil dropper, coconut oil, two mica powders, a bath bomb mold, and themed figure. For example, the PopFizz Unicorn Surprise kit features a poop-shaped mold and has a hot pink unicorn figurine inside. 

What You Will Need: water, a mixing bowl of some sort, measuring cup, and teaspoon. *Note* Everything is essentially premeasured to make one bath bomb so, at least for your first bath bomb, the measuring cup isn't required. The measurements listed however are handy for future bath bomb making. 

How to Make a Single-Colored Bath Bomb:

  1. Add all your dry ingredients into a bowl (the bag of bath bomb mix plus the baking soda). As previously mentioned from our testing the bag of baking soda measures out to be the exact amount needed. 
  2. Mix these two ingredients together by hand, breaking apart any clumps that can sometimes form. 
  3. Add in 1/2 tsp of mica powder (full amount of a mica packet) and 1/2  tsp glitter if you want a glittery bath bomb. 
  4. Add the coconut oil to the mixture. Again, the amount included measures out to the amount required. Since the coconut oil will likely be in solid form, you can melt it down before to add it to mix more easily. 
  5. Add in your essential oils (20-30 drops) and blend. 
  6. Add 1 tsp of water. Reminder: Since water is also what's going to create the chemical reaction that makes your bath bomb explode in the bath, you'll only want to add a tiny bit of water at a time and work fast. Add it slowly while simultaneously mixing. If it starts to rapidly foam, quickly rub these parts in. You'll know when it's done when the consistency feels like damp sand throughout and easily clumps together. 
  7. Place it in your mold, working fast so the mixture doesn't completely dry out before you've filled it. Fill the mold up about a third of the way, add the figure, and then keep filling. Pack it to the point that it feels somewhat overfilled, especially around the edges. 
  8. Set aside for one minute and then remove from the mold. You'll want to still let it dry out completely on a flat surface. We suggest at least an hour to overnight to play it safe. 

How to Make a Two-Toned Bath Bomb:

Follow the same steps as above only half of all the ingredients for each color. You'll need to make two batches of the bath bomb mixture. If you are working with a friend, this is a lot easier to do as you can each make half of the bath bomb at the same time. If you are making a two-toned bath bomb solo, we suggest mixing each color up in Step 6 above. Then mix the water into each quickly at the same time to maintain that damp sand effect. Then, simply add to your mold in layers of each color to create a two-toned effect.

How to Use in the Bath: 

Simply drop it into your tub and watch it fizz. As it fizzes, it will create a colorful effect, releasing the essential oils and coconut oil and unveiling your figurine. 

Is It Fun?

This is a pretty simple bath bomb making kit, especially for those just testing the bath bomb making waters for the first time; Since it's a single-sided mold it's easier for kids to fill up and better ensures your bath bomb will stay together in the molded shape. 

Plus, kids will like the added surprise of unveiling your figure inside once you've added to water, making it equally perfect for gifting.

Who It’s For

The PopFizz collection from The Horizon Group is for ages 6 and up. It's a great first DIY kit for little mad scientists always concocting their own creations. It will also appeal to kids that simply like bath bombs, making their own and collecting them. The PopFizz kits add to the fun by also offering kids a way to create DIY gifts for family and friends with the hidden surprise element inside.

What To Be Aware Of

Prep Tips: Before you get started, you may want to prep your mold by lining it with plastic wrap now to make it easier to remove your bath bomb later. This way it's prepped and ready when needed. 

 If you see any cracks developing once you've removed from the mold it should still hold but if not and the bath bomb still has a damp consistency you may be able to shape it out.

One thing to keep in mind when using bath bombs though, once made they do lose their fizz factor over time so don't let them sit out for toooooo long.

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